“Do not go where the road takes you. Go where there are none and leave a trail"

“Do not go where the road takes you. Go where there are none and leave a trail"

Nakar Group has been established not only to manage its own events, but also as a
Collaboration and Cooperation Agency, offering support to other external National and
International companies of the same genre, so that they can carry out their own.

Although he works on the rest of the islands of the Balearic archipelago and eventually
on the peninsula, Mallorca is the place where he mostly develops his work.


The Nakar Group has a team of Event Planners whose services include, among others, the conceptualization of the event, the search for places, the provision of suppliers (catering, photographers, music, security, guest accommodation, transportation, celebrant …), production and assembly of scenarios (lighting, flowers, furniture, tableware), logistics management and supervision of the day.

It also helps to optimize costs, solve logistical problems, meet the needs of guests, propose ideas and interpret those of others.
In their work, the “Timeline” is essential. Both in the Planning phase and in the Coordination phase on the day of the event, they make sure that everything flows as planned, adhering to the established schedules, without delays or setbacks because they know that this is synonymous with guarantee.
They offer support and expertise not only to the client, but to all their guests. For them, it is essential that attendees feel pampered and take home a pleasant memory that lasts over time, wishing that the trip is comfortable and hassle-free.

Search for spaces

The Balearic Archipelago is one of the treasures of the Mediterranean, each of its islands is unique and unmatched and, although the team develops its work in each one of them, Mallorca, famous for its beauty, its beaches, towns and mountains, is where It carries out more events, since it inspires many of its clients to desire this idyllic enclave to celebrate their wedding, corporate event, anniversary, congress, etc.

The choice of venue is a fundamental pillar in the success of the event and Nakar Group is fortunate to have some of the most spectacular. Spaces steeped in history and with authentic Mediterranean charm.

Design & Styling

Each project is unique, different from the rest.

Decoration and Atmosphere are concepts to which, of course, they dedicate special attention. A coherent work, together with the impeccable performance of all the professionals involved, leads to the best result.

Carrying out a project, no matter how well done, does not guarantee success. An original, creative and elegant configuration, made up of colors, lights and materials that blend into the environment, will achieve the optimal desired outcome.

Attention to detail is an accentuated skill. They like to enhance the montages with something personal and unexpected, some detail that achieves a distinctive style that characterizes them.

They manage to make timeless montages, but in continuous evolution, loaded with creativity, beauty, harmony, elegance and light.

Collaboration &

The Nákar Group was also born with the idea of supporting external companies that wish to offer the Balearic Islands to their clients for the realization of their own events, providing them with its deep knowledge in the sector and sharing with them their exclusive venues and expert local suppliers.

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